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The Pursuit of Curiosity

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

What if there is a meaning of life. And it is known.

But not by me, or you.

What if, the truth, like any reality shattering secret, is closely guarded by those aligned with power.

‘There is no meaning’ is just religion for atheists: another comforting lie to protect hoarders of knowledge from the people’s curiosity.

First ask: what is the meaning of life?

Notice: you go to whichever framework is most familiar or comforting to you. (God, happiness, work etc)

Realise: every framework is equally valid because the answer is subjective to the question.

Then ask: which framework should i ask this question from? (Theology, philosophy, psychology, biology, physics etc)

Notice: they all yield answers.

Realise: the problem is not having too few answers to your question, but too few questions for all the many answers.

Then ask: how can I sort truth from non truth?

Realise: we do not have the tools.

At this point you may conclude:

‘It is impossible to know the truth’

Therefore: you either revert to your original answer OR accept the absurd lack of ihenerent meaning to life and get on with it in accordance with arbitrary values.

That is the death of curiosity.

You have not found an answer. You have found a way to kill your curiosity.

But curiosity is one of the most beautiful things about humanity. As the hardest quest for knowledge, the pursuit of meaning is the most rewarding.

So, the truly curious keep going.

Notice: this is a puzzle, like any other it can be solved.

Ask: ‘how can I solve this puzzle without the tools?’

Realise: I can build the tools.

And then.... begin work.

See where your curiosity leads....


’The Pursuit of Curiosity’

acrylic on canvas

40 x 40 cm


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